Our minerals are natural products. They are sustainable and have a long term impact on the technical innovation and economic development. Minerals find their application both as raw materials and finished products in many industrial processes.

As official European trade partner of V.V. Mineral, India, we explicitly assure you that we generate and extract our minerals eco-friendly and resource-conserving in their country of origin while complying with all relevant national and international norms and standards. As a premium partner we thereby guarantee a secure and sustainable supply of our quality products all over Europe.

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About Supergarnet

Supergarnet is a non-metallic, naturally, and eco-friendly obtained mineral abrasive (almandine). The Garnetsand is mined from the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar in South-India. Almandine Garnetsand is one of the heaviest and hardest among mineral abrasives. Due to the unique cubic shape of its grains, it is optimally suited for use as an abrasive cutting media in water-jet cutting technology.

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Technical data of Supergarnet

You can download the Supergarnet data sheet here

Data sheet sandblasting
Data sheet water-jet cutting

Our place of production

The producer V.V. Mineral from the South Indian State Tamil Nadu employs over 4.500 committed staff members throughout India. They own 9 Preconcentration Plants (PCP) and 8 Mineral Separation Plants (MSP) with a total annual output of approximately 750.000 metric tons of heavy mine.